Eastern Shore Native Charles Baines Embraces Professional Basketball Role in Australia 

Eastern Shore native Charles Baines IV continues to embrace his leadership role in Australia as his professional basketball team captain, a positive role model within his community, and an endorser for a high profile athletic affiliate.

Baines, 26, currently maintains a solid professional performance as a Center with a career high of 20 points a game with 15 accumulated in 3-point shots. The Australian Dubbo Rams have also appointed Baines as the team’s captain to establish his role in peer leadership.

Outside of basketball, Baines dedicates his time inspiring the youth and providing hope to young dreamers with his community. Baines frequently visits youth centers and joins athletic programs to share his experiences with the next generation.

Baines’ positive image as a role model has also led to his recent signing of an endorsement deal with East Coast Supplements of Dubbo in New South Wales, Australia.

Baines has played professionally in Lithuania, El Salvador, Spain, Vietnam and now Australia where his positivity and joy for basketball allows  him to serve as a motivation for others.

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