Online ‘FaceApp’ #AgeChallenge Sparks Viral Sensation Along with Privacy Concerns 

The popular face altering app, Face App, goes viral for a second time after two years with its virtual predictions of elderly age while also introducing online privacy breaches that may be unknown to the user. 

As it has come to be known, Face App was created by Russian developers using artificial intelligence. Users of Face App should not only have cognizance of the already threatening relationship between the United States and Russia but the intentions of the app should also be questioned.

According to users, the app allows you to upload pictures without granting access to photos in the settings. If your “photos” are set to never allow third parties access to your pictures, how is the app able to use them? Photos used in Face App are also uploaded directly to the cloud where the images are processed as either older or younger. So why doesn’t the app notify the user that their pictures are being stored at all??

With the #AgeChallenge growing in popularity and becoming an addictive trend, users seem to be more concerned with playing along than safeguarding the sharing of their personal data and allowing it to be the stored without their knowledge.

According to privacy expert David Vaile, agreeing to use the app is almost the same as giving Russian developers permission to access, store or share your data within their own discretion.

Sweet Spill Opinion: Is our privacy worth the gamble of a trend??

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