Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap: A Legacy at the Forefront of Senseless Crime

The unfortunate demise of rapper Nipsey Hussle has not only left behind a legacy of music, philanthropy, and activism but has also highlighted the act of senseless crime.

The fact Nipsey Hussle named his first official album Victory Lap has various significant meanings. The title represents the survival from a crime-ridden lifestyle, the celebration of a studio album release (after a series of mixtapes), and lastly his footprint beyond music. Although all of these meanings contributed to Hussle’s positive impact, nothing could protect Hussle from being a tragedy of senseless crime.

In Hussle’s case, a verbal misunderstanding should not have been enough for his life to be taken. Senseless crimes happen every day but the world was forced to pay more attention at the demise of a national treasure.

When will people be rewarded (instead of murdered) while giving back to the community? When will people stop making permanent decisions on temporary emotions? Why does the ‘good die young’ when they shouldn’t have to? No one may ever know.