Kawhi Leonard Keeps Western Basketball Competitive By Overlooking Los Angeles Lakers to Sign With Los Angeles Clippers 

Kawhi Leonard’s free agency fate after winning the 2019 Championship with the Toronto Raptors has been the talk of conversation for many NBA analysts and fans around the world.

Leonard’s long awaited announcement was complete July 6th, where the 28-year-old forward disclosed his plans of joining Paul George and the Los Angeles Clippers for the upcoming season.

Although Leonard’s signing with the Los Angeles Clippers will guarantee a spot to play with star player Paul George, the Western Conference will remain balanced and competitive. If Leonard were to join the Los Angeles Lakers with current superstars Lebron James and Anthony Davis, the newest “Big Three superteam” would be created automatically guaranteeing the Lakers against the Warriors (as we have seen before) for the Western Conference Finals.

Leonard’s decision is a strong move in keeping basketball unpredictable and entertaining as opposed to the unbalanced distribution of power we have been used to seeing. Do you feel Kawhi’s decision is in the best interest of basketball as a whole??

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