GRAND OPENING!! Family Owned “Roll and Press Cafe” Opens in Norfolk, VA

The Downtown Norfolk area welcomes their newest restaurant addition, Roll and Press Cafe, as the premier breakfast and lunch option for patrons.

The Roll & Press Cafe, which is owned and managed by TJ Walker and his wife Diana, has already gained positive food reviews and encouraging responses from the community since their grand opening this week, July 1st.

The menu features a plethora of breakfast options (a la carte breakfast choices, breakfast sandwiches and bowls) as well as extensive lunch options (Panini choices, Seafood Po’ Boys, Subs, Burgers, Chicken Wings, Soups, Salads and other variations of sandwiches).

Roll and Press Cafe is located 500 East Main Street, STE 102, Norfolk VA 23510 with the business hours of 7:30am-3:00pm (holiday hours may vary) Monday-Friday.

One thought on “GRAND OPENING!! Family Owned “Roll and Press Cafe” Opens in Norfolk, VA

  1. Congratulstions!!!, very happy for you.
    Curious- hours seem odd, no dinner service (many folks work during these hours. After work, some might not feel bbn like cooking so decide to eat out. And, folks with appointments, travelers, etc. might want to eat dinner. But perhaps this is your way of “getting started,” either way, I am very happy for you and wish you much success and happiness.

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