The Biggest Downfall Of Every Zodiac Sign 

When it comes to astrology, the characteristics presented to us by our designated zodiacs can sometimes show us pieces of ourselves that we would not ordinarily see. The way we treat other people, what we expect from others, our addictions, and even our roles in relationships can all be exemplified according to zodiacs. Although every person may have their own life experiences and individuality, zodiacs can also be used to analyze our biggest flaws! See the descriptions below for yours!

  • Aries-Impatient and take their frustrations out on others 
  • Taurus-Doesn’t like to compromise when it comes to their feelings and have a huge fear in the unknown
  • Gemini-Can get too restless when not intrigued or sensing inconsistency, moods can range from ‘life of the party’ to recluse, and indecisive about everything from food to relationships 
  • Cancer-Overly sensitive, see every issue as a major issue (even when it isn’t), moody
  • Leo-Have a hard time letting their guard down and trusting people, requires attention at all times 
  • Virgo-Can be obsessed with routine, controlling situations and wanting things too “perfect”
  • Libra-Compromise other people’s happiness to ensure theirs (only “balance” situations how they see fit)
  • Scorpio-Anticipate being hurt; Have hidden agendas to protect themselves in advanced 
  • Sagittarius-Can be too blunt in a given situation and insensitive if need be
  • Capricorn-Can be too strategic in situations, can hold back & be too passive with their feelings (act like things aren’t bothering them when they do) 
  • Aquarius-Can be stand off-ish and aloof during conflict for periods of time without expressing feelings directly 
  • Pisces-Give there all to a situation and constantly risk getting taken advantage of

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