Rest in Peace John Singleton: A Pioneer in Black American Storytelling

John Singleton died from a major stroke at the age of 51 leaving behind a trailblazing legacy in Black American film-making on April 29.

Singleton, who has a film making career span of 28 years, was best known for his ability to humanize black life through movies such as Boyz N Da Hood, Poetic Justice, Baby Boy, and Higher Learning.

As a mainstream filmmaker, Singleton was able to nationally bring forward compassion to the urban lifestyle, show the lack of opportunities given to the black community as well as present a new perspective on urban love and black American masculinity.

Singleton was also responsible for launching the movie careers of famed rappers Tupac Shakur and O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson Sr.

Sweet Spill Opinion: Singleton’s creative vision and love for the black experience will not only be missed nationally, but it will also be a loss felt throughout black culture forever!!!

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