Onlookers and Police Take No Action While Nipsey Hussle’s Dedication Mural Defaced in Connecticut

A crowd observed aimlessly and local police will not pursue any action against self-announced “Kaitlyn Renee” who went on to deface a mural in honor of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle in Hartford, Connecticut on April 27.

The disturbing viral video featured Kaitlyn Renee posing for selfies and using spray paint without any explanations while onlookers watched from the sidelines.

Hartford Police released the statement: “Heaven Skate Park has been declared an area welcome to graffiti/art” days following the incident. Authorities also went on to discuss their plans of not pursuing disciplinary action against the vandal.

Members of the community have since joined together in restoring the mural (originally painted by local artist Corey Payne) to its natural state.

Sweet Spill Opinion: How much longer will the black community sit back and watch the disrespect of our culture? And how surprised are we that there was no justifiable cause for legal action??? Truly disgusting from all angles …

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