[Video] Rapsody-“IBTIHAJ” feat. D’angelo & GZA 

Rapsody returns with her newest video “IBTIHAJ” featuring D’Angelo & GZA (of Wutang) from her upcoming album, Eve.

The song pays homage to Ibtihaj Muhammad, a United States National Fencing competitor in the 2016 Olympics. Muhammad was the first person to ever wear a hijab while competing for the United States.

Rapsody’s “IBTIHAJ” features an opening sample from “Liquid Swords”, a song by the iconic hip hop icon GZA. The term “Liquid Swords” represents the martial arts visual of sword fighting where the winner slices the head of their competitor with a clean motion. Rapsody interpolates GZA’s reference by rapping “you got liquid swords on your head boy” to point out his wave hairstyle as being a disguised weapon against competitors.

As Rapsody returns from an unofficial hiatus, the single “IBTIHAJ” makes sure to bring purposeful rap back to the forefront while still paying homage to trail blazers like Ibtihaj (who remain true to themselves by any means necessary).

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