Black Fathers Continue To Defy Stereotypes, Myths And Odds With Social Media Outpour of Love On Father’s Day

Black men, in particular, have always received the worst reputation when it comes to their presence as father figures within the American household.

With constant narratives in the media suggesting black men are “deadbeats” along with the infamous 2013 CDC study stating over 70% of black (and Hispanic) fathers were missing from their homes, shouldn’t it be plausible to believe?? No.

The complicated questions involving the location of black fathers should truly be dissected prior to making further assumptions. In regards to the 2013 CDC study stating over 70% of black (and Hispanic) fathers were missing from their homes doesn’t prove anything outside of the false narrative designed against them. In reality, the 2013 CDC statistics does a poor job of explaining how many of these men simply weren’t married but still lived with their children every day, how many of these men live in separate households but have custody arrangements, or how many fell victim to mass incarceration where they were jailed unjustly and disproportionately in comparison to other races. Black men have never been missing! In contrary, black men have either been disregarded from statistics because of their marital status or trying their hardest to beat the odds of mass incarceration.

Social media serves today as an effective yet unlikely ally in combatting the black fatherhood narrative. Although we shouldn’t take the public display of social media too seriously, it should still be held as worthy to some degree. The outpour of love and appreciation shown today for Father’s Day on various platforms is the deliberate action we need in changing black fatherhood perception among the masses. Every biological father, stepfather, uncle, or any father figure who has impacted a child in some way deserves every ounce of social media recognition whether America (as a whole) chooses to see it as true or not!

Sweet Spill Excerpt: The truth shall set us free!! Happy Fathers Day to all

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