[Review] Rotimi-“Walk With Me”

“Power” television actor Rotimi proves acting isn’t his only talent with the arrival of his newest EP, Walk With Me. 

Rotimi combines his Nigerian bred Afro rhythm influence with an R&B foundation. The EP Walk With Me is the first project released under the record label Empire.

The smooth first song “Legend” sets the EP’s mood with Rotimi’s open appreciation for any and all women. Although the song doesn’t showcase Rotimi’s full range as a singer, it still serves its purpose as an introduction into the project.

The songs “Decisions” and “I Can’t Blame You” both show more of Rotimi’s soultry R&B voice where the topics include trying to decide if a relationship is worth salvaging and wanting to reconcile at the mercy of his significant other, respectively.

The four tracks “Love Riddim”, “Sip Slow”, “Summertime”, and “Push button start featuring Vanessa Bling” turn up the energy of the EP and provide Rotimi’s signature Afro beat styled R&B. These tracks help to set Rotimi apart from his peers (with his own lane) while still incorporating a modern feel of his African heritage and prominent love for R&B.

Overall, even though the EP is only intended to be short collectively as a project, the content quality of Walk With Me is good enough to be full length. Rotimi proves once again that his music needs to be taken seriously….and he has every right!

Download the album today on Tidal or Apple Music.

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