5 Things Judgmental People Never Live Without

The people who are the most critical in our lives interact with us on a daily basis. Whether they are within our own families, in our friendship circles, at our jobs, or in our neighborhoods, avoiding judgmental people is an unlikely option.

Being able to recognize the signature habits of these people will not only protect our feelings from the lack of support, but will also prevent other people from being a hindrance in our successes.

There are five things judgmental people never live without:

  1. Masking Perfection-Judgmental people refuse to live there lives in any other way than flawlessly. Since they are so critical of other people, it’s important for them to “live their best life” in the public eye. As long as this is upheld, they feel their own lives are protected from receiving the same ridicule they give to others. Critical people are not strong enough to receive anything other than praise, which in turn puts them in constant fear of potentially having the tables turned.
  2. Denying their own insecurities-For judgmental people, condemning other people makes it easier to ignore their own flaws. An example of this would include a judgemental person criticizing someone’s physical traits because they are lacking. Other examples include being highly critical of another person’s lifestyle because they are unable to live it themselves and refusing to be supportive of a new business because of their own lack of risk taking. Whatever the case at hand, a person’s criticism lies within in their own self-doubts.
  3. Minding other people’s business-Judgmental people are infamous for constantly being involved in what other people have going on in their lives. This in fact is an open indicator that the judgmental person thrives off of disconnecting from their own reality. As long as they can tune into something they feel is “beneath” them, it provides them with a false sense of self esteem to feel better about their unfulfilling lives.
  4. Refusing to view themselves as judgmental-Judgmental people live in denial of their actions. They will never consider themselves as doing anything “wrong” because they feel they are within their rights to do so. Their critiques of others are mostly done behind closed doors, so as long as they aren’t publicly being a “hater”, then they feel nothing is wrong.
  5. Being chronically unhappy-Judgmental people generally can’t be happy for others around them because they aren’t happy with themselves. Watching the very things they wish they could accomplish done by someone else, automatically puts a bitter undertone within their perspective. They constantly live in a self-induced competitive mindstate where they feel that they should be the only “winners” in life. In turn, anything done outside of their expectations is considered underserving or devalued.

Criticism from the people we know or love can be difficult but until we can fully live for ourselves (and not the approval of others), we will begin to understand how small of a role they truly have. We should also know the reasons people judge to assist us in not taking things as personally or letting our successes be interrupted. As long as you’re accepting of your own actions, why does the judgments of people who hate themselves matter anyway??

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