Sweet Spill Opinion: Spreading Anti-Abortion Bills Across U.S. Implies Outright Attack on Minorities 

As eight states (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Utah, and now Missouri) all join the controversial banning of abortions after 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, questions arise concerning the sole purpose for mandating human choice. 

The historical Supreme Court case Roe vs Wade, which protected the freedom of choice in regards to abortion, has particularly been challenged in law reversing attempts moreso this year in 2019.

The real question is why? 

  • Is it to criminalize minorities again? Was the 1994 crime bill which developed into long term imprisonments for low level crimes (aka mass incarceration) not enough?
  • Is it a display of white male power to maintain their historical status in a political hierarchy?? 
  • Is it a money issue to where rich people will never be effected but used as a method to target those of a lower income?? 
  • Is it to keep women at the beckoning orders of men on a political level?
  • Is it to protect the white race in eventually becoming the majority population of all races??

Although the real reason may not present itself until it becomes hindsight, we should take into consideration of its true meaning for minorities now. Since the outlaw of slavery has slowly evolved into legal injustices within the law-making justice system, why is it so hard to see this rising interest in anti-abortion as an important piece to a bigger picture??

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