Happy Mother’s Day To The Most Pillaged Mother in History, Mother Africa

Mother’s Day is a time for honor, appreciation and love for those who unconditionally have nurtured us into the people we are today. But what about the continent responsible for all human life?

During the 1870s and 1900s, imperialism became an agressive yet widespread movement of replacing African culture and languages with their own. Over the span of centuries, Europeans continued to subject Mother Africa to exploitation over an over in a selfish attempt to fix their own social, economic and political problems.

Europeans were successful in conquering Mother Africa’s land and culture because of their advantages as a stronger power. Modern  technology, government, and the weakening of Africa’s population because of slavery (death and bondage), helped Europe’s ceasing success.

It’s unfortunate western civilization continues to paint Africa as a “poor” nation after it was robbed unwilling of its resources. Where is the unconditional love for a mother who gives all she has but gains nothing but repulsion in return??? Will their ever be love for the most undervalued mother of all??? EVER??

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