Joe Biden’s Mass Incarceration Connections Needs to be Addressed Amidst Presidential Announcement

While Barack Obama’s former Vice President Joe Biden is beloved by most, his involvement in President Clinton’s infamous 1994 crime bill needs to be addressed to Black Americans prior to running for U.S. Presidency in 2020.

During Joe Biden’s time as committee chairman, his joint efforts in a bipartisan deal with Republicans created the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (which still exists in laws today from the Clinton administration). Mass incarceration is a direct result of Joe Biden’s “tough on crime” efforts.

Black communities were the majority of people affected by mass incarceration. Families were broken under the “3 strikes” laws, where people who even committed lower-level marijuana offenses, could be sent away for decades pending their third offense.

If Biden indeed desires to become a Democratic nominee for U.S. Presidency, he needs to admit to the black community that his bill helped to usher a social imbalance within the justice system. Black people are incarcerated more than five times the rate of any other race.

Sweet Spill Opinion: Since the black community generally gravitates to the Democratic party, why shouldn’t the Presidential nominee (Biden) be held accountable for a problem today he helped to create? Why should the Black American vote be thrown Biden’s way without explanations and acknowledgments of this issue? Or should we pretend none of this is still happening?!??

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