The Importance of Self Love in Black Children

Living in a world that accepts black culture more than its people, creates societal inconsistencies, especially those viewed by children.

Black children, in particular, witness the world adopt black originated music such as hip hop, wear predominantly black hairstyles such as cornrows and watch celebrities flaunt lip fillers that mimic black features, yet still find themselves bullied for being black.

If hate isn’t counteracted by the teachings of self-love, black children run the risk of believing the fallacies given to them by bullying. Parents must instill a sense of pride within their black children as a way to prepare them for what will most likely come their way.

The appreciation of African heritage and the uniqueness of their features is what black children need to combat racism at a young age. If black children aren’t taught to see the beauty within themselves now, then when?? After taking matters into their own hands and inflicting self-harm?? Better now than never…

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