Fox News Anchor Mocks Nipsey Hussle’s Death With ‘Fake News’

Conservative Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham attempted to smear the legacy of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle during a controversial news segment.

While laughing with her guest, journalist Raymond Arroyo, Ingraham continued to mislead her audience by saying “This dear artist recently released a song FDT… f*** Donald Trump”. The song was actually released several years ago (2016) by rapper YG, whose voice was also heard on Ingraham’s segment, not Hussle’s.

Unfortunately, Ingraham has a history of mocking shooting victims in the media. In 2018, Ingraham publicly apologized after making inappropriate comments concerning the Parkland shooting victims where a gunman opened fire in a Florida High School.

The attempt to smear the image of a person who is no longer living is beneath the level of decency a news network should have. The images created by the media should be taken more seriously, as they shape the perceptions of millions of viewers across the country.

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