Ukrops Monument Avenue 10k Race

Ukrop’s hosted its 20th Annual 10K race on April 13th, 2019. The race featured over 25,000 participants, a 6.2-mile course throughout Richmond’s VCU campus, live entertainment, vending and a family-friendly environment. Aside from the adult race, a modified version of the course was also available for kids. The determination expressed by the runners and the encouragement given by the supporters on the sideline were two of the biggest components of the event. Having the runners achieve their personal goals and witnessing people accomplish them in real-time were moments that were exciting for everyone. Participants will be able to register for Ukrops 2020 10K race on April 15-April 30th 2019. The price for adults will be $30 and it will be $20 for children (14 years and younger). The registration link is

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