How Everyone You Know (Including Yourself) is a Dream Surrogate

Has anyone ever noticed that we live in a society where there are more people settling than pursuing their dreams? For most, being able to provide for yourself is the biggest explanation for settling. Even though the fear of financial instability is real, is it plausible?

With 24 hours in a day (where 16 hours are used for working and sleeping), how are the remaining 8 hours spent by people? Cooking or preparing dinner? Quality time with family? Going to the gym? If a person happened to balance all of these things (simultaneously), the remaining 8 hours would be gone-with no time left to do anything toward their dreams.

Unless a person wakes up every day to do their dream job or as a business owner, they can be categorized as a “dream surrogate”. As it relates to the term, a “dream surrogate” is a person who is literally carrying someone else’s dream “to make ends meet”. The dream was never their own from the start, yet they are serving as a surrogate in keeping it alive and nourishing its success. As a result, the surrogate also takes on additional pressures and stress (from their bosses’ dream) as their own.

So when will people put in the same effort, overtime and support into our own dreams? Why isn’t pursuing dreams encouraged more than climbing the ladder of “success” in someone else’s dream? Why is this way of living more common than rare? Why is this LIFE?

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