Texas State Eases Gun Laws After Latest Mass Shooting in Odessa

Lawmakers in Texas pass new relaxed sanctions on gun laws (Sept 1) during the aftermath of the state’s most recent mass shooting in Odessa.

According to the new laws, Texas residents are now able to store firearms and ammunition on various public properties (as long as they are in open view of the public). Gun owners are now legally able to store their guns on school grounds, foster homes, apartments, and places of worship.

One day prior to the state’s new laws, the state suffered their latest mass shooting in Odessa (Aug. 31). The identified shooter, Seth Ator, was reported to have opened fire with an “A-R style” weapon killing 7 people while injuring 22 people. Ator was also said to have stopped to approximately 15 locations during his shooting spree including a movie theater and a car dealership.

The state of Texas now claims 4 of America’s most fatal mass shooting tragedies in history.

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