Arthur Ashe Boulevard Unveiled in Richmond As Black History Honor

Residents and local officials welcome the naming of “Arthur Ashe Boulevard” to commemorate Ashe’s trail blazing tennis career as the first black man to dominate in the sport along with tributing his philanthropy efforts in his hometown of Richmond.

Author Ashe, who was the only black player to win singles titles at the US Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open as well as be selected among the U.S. Davis Cup team in Tennis, also receives accolades in his local civil rights advocation and education reform efforts in Richmond.

The Richmond City Council managed to still pass the name change in a vote earlier this year despite objections within the community. As a city, Richmond will add the honor of renaming “Arthur Ashe Boulevard” to match the already standing Arthur Ashe statue found alongside a sea of Confederate statues on Monument Avenue.

Ashe’s nephew, David Harris Jr, stood in attendance and spoke on his uncle’s behalf after years of prompting the boulevard’s new name change.

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