Rapper Bun B and Wife’s Home Invasion: The Inherent Protection of Black Men by Black Women

Houston famed rapper Bun B and wife Queenie endured a home invasion at gunpoint on April 23rd, which not only serves as a story of survival but exemplifies the instinctive nature black women have in protecting their men.

For the first time speaking publicly since the near-fatal home invasion, the couple visited The Breakfast Club to recount the events of the night.

According to Queenie, the wife of famed rapper Bun B for 16 years, the intruder was only met by her at the front door while her husband was upstairs unaware the threatening situation was occurring.

Queenie innately distracted the intruder with the keys to her car in the sole intent of protecting the life of her husband, Bun B. The feat ultimately granted Bun B enough time to retrieve his licensed firearm where he would go on to defend his family against the intruder.

Despite the false narrative painted by society, the true love from black Women to black men should not be overlooked. Black Women sacrifice their own well being for their families every day but are rarely acknowledged or portrayed in the media for it.

In a world where the killing of unarmed black men and the mass incarceration of minorities continues every day, black women are unfortunately numb in having to survive independently. In a given situation such as Queenie’s, why wouldn’t it be second nature to protect black men while they are still here?

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