The Demonization of Black Culture Continues As Lifetime Announces Another Unneeded R. Kelly Docuseries

Television network Lifetime announces yet another installment of their Surviving R. Kelly docuseries creating a thin line between informing the public and perpetuating an imbalance of social narratives involving black culture.

R&B singer R. Kelly, whose allegations against women shouldn’t be excused, is the current prime focus for flawed entertainers (previously Bill Cosby). To this day, there is a noticeable lack of white American entertainers with their stories of heinous alleged crimes on national television. Elvis Presley, Harvey Weinstein, and Woody Allen are a few examples of men with questionable pasts that would highlight today’s “Me Too” movement, yet have managed to escape the wrath of national prime time exposure.

Since criminal allegations are now enough to serve as a trend for sensationalized television, the black community should not be the only focal point. There are plenty of entertainers (of other races) who have the same criminal accusations yet the publicized imbalance suggests otherwise.

Sweet Spill Opinion: Why is the negative national perception of black culture pushed more than others? Shouldn’t the display of heinous activity by celebrities be equal across all races?? Or are we so desensitized to negative black narratives that we barely noticed the neglect of others??

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