Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album undoubtedly takes on a religious theme throughout the entire project. In reference to the Bible, Kendrick uses the “Stations of the Cross” (the events leading to the crucifixion of Jesus) to outline his own personal and entertainment life throughout his album.  The album’s assimilation runs parallel to the “Stations of the Cross” through Kendrick’s outlook in relation to actual events in the Bible.

NOTE: Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, in which 14 stations (events) occurred…..

Kendrick’s album ….includes 14 tracks 

Kendrick Lamar-Damn tracklist

1. Blood-Kendrick dies (station 1 in bible: Jesus condemned to death)

2. DNA-Kendrick announces “I was born like this”, accepts everything (who he is but not the unfavorable people around him) (station 2 in bible: Jesus picks up the cross)

3. YAH-Kendrick receives criticism from the media (station 3 in bible: Jesus falls with the cross for the first time)

4. ELEMENT-Kendrick goes back to what matters ….REAL rap & not the wack rappers people call his peers (station 4 in bible: Jesus meets with his mother)

5. FEEL-Kendrick feels alone in this world…yearns for understanding (Station 5-Simon helps Jesus carry the cross)

6. LOYALTY ft Rihanna-Kendrick finds female companionship (Station 6-Veronica wipes Jesus face as he carries the cross)

7. PRIDE-Kendrick admits he’s not perfect (station 7 in bible-Jesus falls with cross for second time)

8. HUMBLE-Kendrick tells people to not take what he has done (in rap) for granted-respect it (station 8 in bible-Jesus speaks to women in Jerusalem)

9. LUST-Kendrick hopes his lustful side of life doesn’t take him down (station 9 in bible-Jesus falls for 3rd time carrying the cross)

10. LOVE-Kendrick expresses vulnerability….asks after circumstances could his woman still love him-(station 10 in bible-Jesus is stripped of clothing-also showing vulnerability)

11. XXX-Kendrick talks about becoming a product in your environment (station 11 in bible-Jesus is nailed to the cross)

12. FEAR-Kendrick recalls 3 different events where he experienced terror in his life, terror possibly leading to death-(station 12 in bible-Jesus dies on cross)

13. GOD-Kendrick compares overall success to still being godly…despite everything that led him to it-(station 13 in bible-Jesus removed from cross)

14. DUCKWORTH-Kendrick tells story of how the CEO of his record label almost killed his father before they knew each other and how life still managed to come full circle-(station 14 in bible-Jesus is buried but lives for eternity)

Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Album: Damn

Post purpose: Album interpretation

Picture growing up with your best friend in the entire world. All you both ever wanted was to be BETTER and to do BETTER (in life). Both of you want to be on the straight and narrow path in life-but being a result of the SYSTEM, it makes providing for yourself and your family, HARD. No one wants to hire someone with a record….so what do you do? What do you do when you’re looked to as the provider, your kid needs to eat but you have no other means for survival???? What if you already know the life you made for yourself has consequences (jail or death) and your last wish in the world is for your daughter to know you TRIED to do right by her. What if you made your best friend promise ‘if I don’t make it to tell my daughter my story….can you let her know she was my everything and that I only wanted the best for her’? What if your best friend made it out of the struggle and you didn’t?? What if you lost your life??? What if your best friend kept his promise and tells your story to the entire world through his latest album?? What if I told you this entire paragraph is about “4 your eyes only”….that the ‘best friend’ (in this paragraph) is actually J Cole….&that if you hate this album-it wasnt meant for you anyway?? &&That the only person that needs to judge it is the one person who NEEDS to hear it?? What if your best friend’s daughter’s EYES are the only ones you care to see the album for what it’s worth?? This is a complete synopsis of the entire album……

Artist: J Cole

Album: 4 Your Eyes only

Post purpose: Song interpretation

The song “Cranes in the sky” by Solange is a creative piece with a metaphorical basis. Using relatable ideas of drinking, smoking, dancing, changing hairstyles, shopping, and over-working as distractions for anything painful is the main concept of the song. People tend to use distractions as scapegoats for dealing with pain as opposed to dealing with it directly. So the line ‘cranes in the sky, sometimes I don’t want to feel those metal clouds’ is like saying “you’re depending on something to transport the weight of pain”. The lyric ‘metal clouds’ represent “pain” and having to move it around. Cranes (on construction sites) are large transporters to move heavy objects from one place to another. So moving “metal clouds” is the basic interpretation of shifting pain around in the same idea as disguising problems.

Artist: Solange

Album: A Seat At the Table

Song: Cranes in the sky (#4)

Post purpose: Song interpretation