Alcoholic consumption is not typically thought of in regards to good health but studies have shown that drinking red wine in moderation can be very beneficial in six different ways.

1.) Good For Your Heart-Studies have shown that drinking red wine can prevent blood clotting as well as assist the functionality of blood vessels.
2.) Fight Cancer– Researchers have made correlations between drinking red wine and starving human cancer cells. They have found that drinking red wine only four times a week will target cancerous cells.
3.) Weight Loss-The chemical compound, Piceatannol, which is already found in the human body can prevent the gaining of weight when combined with red wine. Essentially, red wine helps to block the passageway of immature fat cells from growing.
4.) Builds immune system-Studies have shown that red wine is helpful in fighting the common cold. The antioxidants found in red wine helps to protect cells and to help fight infection.
5.) Lower cholesterol-Sources have shown that the consumption of red wine loosens arteries, lowers blood pressure and prevents heart attacks.
6.) Lowers Blood sugar-Drinking red wine has also shown to help lower blood glucose levels. Also in regards to cholesterol and systolic blood pressure, which are closest related to blood sugar, red wine has also been found to show a significant decrease in levels.