WASHINGTON D.C.–Americans from all over the nation have been vocal about their stance on Trump’s Presidential Inauguration on Friday, January 20. Here are four things that are already in place to happen for America’s big day:

1. After the most controversial presidential election of our time, Donald Trump will be sworn into office today as the 45th President of the United States at 12:00pm, noon.

Who will be there?

2. There will be protesters in attendance in Washington as well as all over the nation. a reported number of one million people all over the United States plan to oppose Trump’s inaugural event. In person, sources have estimated there to be about 60 groups of protesters to be present today in Washington D.C.

3. The biggest organized protest is the Women’s March on Washington set the day after inauguration on Saturday, June 21. The protest will demonstrate in solidarity the rights of women as being equal for all Americans. Celebrities who will perform at the event will be Samantha Ronson, Emily Wells, MC Lyte, Maxwell, Janelle Monae, Angelique Kidjoe and others.

What weather to expect?

4. The predictions of the weather have already been noted that Trump’s big Inaugural day will call for both a rainy and cloudy forecast.