UNITED STATES–Aside from the obvious upgrades Apple IPhone users with iOS 10 have found along the way, there are 7 secret yet potentially useful features worth paying attention to. See the list here!

Although iOS 10 was released September 2016, users are still discovering new features included with the upgrade. Whether it’s handling notifications through a locked screen or using text effect backgrounds like flying balloons and fireworks, users have been using the known features with pleasure.

In addition, there are 7 hidden features that users may not even know they have.

1. Instead of opening the (car service) Uber app to call a cab, tell Siri:

2. See if you are getting enough sleep at night by Clock app > clicking on the bedtime feature 

3. Google maps automatically drops pins when destinations are reached, use this feature to find your car if you forget where you parked (by navigating back to your dropped pin).

4. Make pit stops to get food, gas etc while navigating a route

5. Allow songs you don’t listen to be cleared from your library (to free space on your device). (SN: this feature is only enabled when the iCloud music option is turned On).

Settings > Music > Optimized Storage

6. Search to find specific pictures easier with keywords:

7. Replace text with emojis easier. 

Type your message > go to the global option where emojis are kept > watch your message underline key words > select each key word and replace with desire emoji