UNITED STATES–Although the Halloween holiday encourages participants to be unique and creative when choosing their costumes, people have been known to overdue cultural appropriation and current events to the point of offensiveness. Check here of examples of these costumes and why they are inappropriate.

Over the years Halloween costumes have gone as far as to taunt cultures for being who they are, to ridicule women, to mock real-life threatening current events, and to depict hurtful moments in history.

1. Taunting Cultures

Portraying a culture (other than your own) with purposes of pointing out the way they look, dress, and making fun of other differences that makes them unique, can be very insulting to the people of that specific culture as well as people associated.

Sombreros, black skin, and “squaw” feather outfits are some of the most offensive ways to portray an entire culture. In particular, Native Americans have explained that each feather worn in their culture is a symbolism of war and such Halloween costumes belittles the efforts of their ancestors. 

2. Ridiculing women

Although Bill Cosby was not charged in particular, it is still offensive to mock rape against women as well as making costumes of the natural processes (like menstruation) which is needed to bear children and continue human life.

3. Mocking real life threatening events 

Whether it’s the assasination of President Kennedy, the murder of Trayvon Martin, or the  recent robbery of Kim Kardashian, serious events where people have died or life was in danger are too sensitive to make light through a costume.

4. Depicting hurtful moments in history 

Displaying known hate groups with the very race of people they are known to terrorize and kill is also a costume conscious people are not comfortable with being around.