CHARLOTTE, NC–Former NFL Carolina Panther Rae Carruth will be sought by his son’s grandmother for possible reunion with his son, after completing the eighteen year murder conviction of his son’s pregnant mother in 2018.

Carruth, who still maintains his innocence to this day, was convicted of conspiring to kill his then eight months pregnant girlfriend Cherica Adams in November 1999. Sources have reported that Carruth planned the murder after realizing Adams had no intentions of getting the abortion Carruth requested. Adams, was gunned down in a planned drive by, where Carruth was also present to stage the event.

Although Adams did not survive gunshot wounds, she was still able to give birth to now 16-year-old Chancellor Carruth. Excessive blood loss from the shooting caused Chancellor to develop brain damage and cerebral palsy as an infant.

Throughout his entire life, Chancellor has only seen his father one other time in his life (as a baby). Chancellor’s grandmother says she has already forgiven Carruth for murdering her daughter but wants her grandson to have a relationship with his father.