The popularity among men adopting the bearded trend continues to grow in 2016. Although beards have become to some as an expression of identity, the hygienic risks as well how often to care for your beard should be as important.

Although people generally do not consider it, beards can be viewed as dirt traps. Since bearded hair is generally of a more coarser texture, dirt as well as bacteria can conveniently cling when not treated. Studies have found that feces and other matters have been found hidden in beards when not cared for.

Initial beard care for short beards include brushing (before showering) to prevent itchiness. Short beards are said to be the only type of beard that can be cared for like the hair on heads. With this type of beard, you are able to use the same hair conditioner and shampoos as you do for your head. Short beards can be cared for in this manner because of its constant cutting and trimming. There is always new hair coming in to replace the old hair in shorter beards.

With longer beards, the maintenace levels are higher. Reasearchers have found that daily washing is not recommended and could dry out the skin underneath. The beginning of a long beard’s maintenance routine should include brushing the beard (before a shower) with a Boar’s hair bristled beard brush. To keep the beard both clean and soft, conditioner should be used 3 times a week and shampoo should be used once a week. Oil based shampoo (such as Argan oil) are best used when trying to protect the skin underneath the beard. Beard balms are the only products suggested for daily beard cleansing.