LOS ANGELES, CA–NBA Superstar Derrick Rose was cleared of all sexual assault charges in a Los Angeles courtroom today, Oct. 19.

The New York Knicks point guard along with two friends Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton were accused of sexual assualt by a woman, referred to as Jane Doe, in August 2013.

Rose decided to take his case to trial rather than paying the $21 million dollars the accuser seeked out of court. The trial began October 4th where Doe continued her allegations of being drugged at Rose’s house and raped by one of the star’s friends as he made sure she got home safely.

According to sources, there were no criminal charges filed at the time but an ongoing investigation was led by Los Angeles Police Department detective, Nadine Hernandez. Although Hernandez was found dead last week (Oct 11) from an alleged self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, her death has not been linked to the Rose investigation.